“The Best Space Settlement Conference on Earth”

New Worlds 2018

November 9 – 10

Austin, TX

The Spacer Tribe gathers in Austin again this fall.

Join us for amazing talks by amazing people:





250 space science, business, engineering and policy leaders will discuss plans to settle space and Return to the Moon.

8 New Visionaries will present leading edge scientific papers on how to settle Mars and Free Space

6 Space Entrepreneurs will present their ideas for the next space blockbuster business

YOUR VOTE decides who wins THE PRIZE.

At New Worlds there is no “audience” – YOU are part of the action!

In the next room, over 500 high school kids will design their own cities on the Moon and Mars.

And through it all will be the music, art and culture of space, culminating in the awesome Space Cowboy Ball.

New Worlds Conference Co-Chairs

Laetitia Garriott de Cayeux

Cofounder, Global Space Ventures and Escape Dynamics, Truman National Security Fellow

Dr. Philip Metzger

Co-Founder NASA KSC SwampWorks, Planetary scientist at UCF Florida Space Institute

Richard Garriott

Private Astronaut, Entrepreneur, Video Game Developer, Author

Dr. Noah Raford

COO/Futurist in Chief, Dubai Future Foundation

New Worlds Conference Hosts

Rick Tumlinson

Founder-New Worlds, Deep Space Industries, Co-Founder-Space Frontier Foundation

Holly Melear

Educator, Director of STEAMSPACE Education / New Worlds

New Worlds Special Guest

Bill Gerstenmaier

NASA Associate Administrator, Human Exploration and Operations

New Worlds Speakers

(More coming soon!)

Dr. James Logan

Former NASA Senior Flight Surgeon, CEO, Space Enterprise Institute

Gabriel Rothblatt

VP and Pastor, Terasem Movement

Joe Quirk

Sea Steading Institute

Dr. Robert Zubrin

Mars Society

Meagan Crawford

Managing Partner, Star Century Partners

Alexander MacDonald

NASA Senior Economic Advisor, Office of the Administrator

Olga Stelmakh-Drescher

International Institute of Space Commerce

John Mankins

Founder & President, Mankins Space Technology, Inc.

Richard Citron

Senior Partner, Citron and Deutsch

Michelle Hanlon

Co-Founder For All Moonkind, Inc.

Space Settlement Paper Sessions

Do you have an idea worth sharing?

If you think you might have an idea that will help us on our path to human settlement, and fits into one of the categories below, let us know! Click through to learn how to submit a paper, and see the papers from last years’ Space Settlement Symposium. The deadline for submissions will be on September 28, 2018, 11:59 pm (Central Time).


Be it life support, construction or transportation to space and back, what will it take to live on the Red Planet? Papers will be presented on the full range of technologies, products and systems needed to build and sustain human colonies on Mars.


From private space stations to cities in space, from asteroid mining to in space manufacturing, the space between worlds is a unique environment. Presenters will offer us their newest ideas about what may turn out to be the heart of the action on the High Frontier.

Featured Topics

Commercial Lunar Missions

While the rocketeers get us out of the gravity well, once we are in space we still need to get around and move between our new worlds. From solar sails to nuclear rockets and space elevators, low cost dependable transportation is what will knit together the frontier and leverage the new civilization of space.

Women 2.0 - Astronauts to Entrepreneurs

The first person to step on Mars may be a woman. the next to step on the Moon may be as well. To date 59 women have flown in space. Stunts and headlines are one thing, but there are only a handful of female CEOs and executives in the space industry. Changing this is our next frontier. How? What can space leaders do now?

Farmers in the Sky -Agriculture and Space

We are about carrying the life of Earth to places now dead. Farmers may be some of the first space citizens. Amazing new closed systems ecologies are being developed right now and will be ready in time for the first colonies. What are they? How do they work? What are the challenges ahead? And can they help us save the future both here and out there?

Financing Space - Nobody Stays Until Somebody Pays

The pilgrims formed a corporation to finance their frontier settlement plans, the Mormons had a church to fund theirs. Given the ships may be ready in as few as ten years to carry groups of people into space, what can and should they be doing now to fund their dreams?

Who Owns the Moon? Law and Policy on the Frontier

As we begin to return to the Moon we will start to face all of the basic legal issues that must be handled to enable the settlement of space. Resource rights, safety, property rights and the general rules of law and order, all will have to be applied or created for the first time. Who will decide? By what right? How will they be enforced?

Sex in Space - Reproduction Beyond Earth

The idea of an exotic liaison in space is always hanging “out there”, and some believe it has already happened. But what of reproduction? What happens to embryos in different gravities, or levels of radiation? Will those who grow up on Mars, the Moon or floating in space be a new species?

Special Event

Sharks in Space

Six of the most exciting space startup companies will pitch their business plans to a panel of judges for the chance to win cash prizes. This is your chance to be a “shark” and help determine which business models should be funded.

Startups who are interested in competing can learn more here. 

Cities in Space

Student Conference and Competition

New Worlds believes the first space citizens are alive right now. So why are they are just sitting in classrooms?

700+ students from around the world gather for a one day, one of a kind educational event where imaginations and creativity meet science and engineering to showcase the next generation’s ideas for the cities of tomorrow on the worlds of the frontier.

This exclusive conference occurs concurrently with New Worlds, allowing attendees to interact with the students and view their projects.

Brought to you by:

The Space Cowboy Ball

A STEAMSPACE Education Fundraiser

It’s 2118. You’re invited to a formal affair at a space colony on the Moon or Mars. What on Earth (or space) will you wear?

The first two Space Cowboy Balls were a rousing success. The third edition will be a must-attend event of the space year.

The dress code is Future/Frontier or Formal. Wear what fits you, be your own star from The Expanse, FireFly, BladeRunner, Star Wars or perhaps something a little more STEAM Punk… or Old West…or a toga or black tie. It’s your future, so create it! First we feast, then we honor the heroes who are teaching our kids about the frontier. Next, we celebrate the Space Cowboys (and Cowgirls) who are opening that frontier today. And then we dance like there’s no tomorrow!  Come and support Space Education.

In Case You Missed It

Images and video from previous years

Venue & Acommodation

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AT&T Hotel and Conference Center

The University of Texas at Austin

1900 University Ave, Austin, TX 78705, USA

Phone: +1 512-404-1900

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Space Cowboy Ball

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College Student Poverty Rates

We understand if you are a college student and have no money left after paying for your Spotify, pizza and beer. We also know that you are the ones who will help create the future. If you have a student ID, you can attend New Worlds for as low as $15 a day (or the cost of three iced lattes!)

Countdown to New Worlds 2018

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